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Artificial Astronaut

Mike Socrates - Guitar
Ian Sky - Vocals
Fred Winkler - Bass
Matt Socrates - Drums

The musical journey has been a long and winding road for the guys in Artificial Astronaut. Through the years, Mike, Ian, Fred and Matt have dipped their toes into all sorts of genres in the Northeast Ohio music scene. Sometimes together in the same band, sometimes in different bands on the same show. From heavy metal, to electronic pop, to post-rock, to 90's cover tunes, the musicians used their experiences to cultivate their wide array influences, and always found themselves crossing each other's paths along the way.

Then 2020 happened. Everyone found themselves trapped in quarantine. To help maintain some semblance of sanity, the 4 old friends began tossing musical ideas back and forth between cloud drives. Quickly, these songs took on a cohesive sound and identity. An amalgamation of all the different styles that had been picked up along the way. A couple months and several gigabytes worth of bandwidth later, Artificial Astronaut was born. With their debut single "The Flow State," the band looks to release an album in early 2021.

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